Class Event Stamping 2018: Yupo, Alcohol Inks & Rubber Stamps

Past 2018 Winter StampFest Convention Event

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Class Event Stamping: Yupo, Alcohol Inks & Rubber Stamps

In this Winter StampFest Convention class you will learn about the different types of YUPO paper and how they create different results using Alcohol Inks.

  • You will take your beautiful papers and create dimensional cards.
  • I will supply a large variety of inks and YUPO paper for you to create a number of backgrounds to choose from.
  • The window cards when open are translucent and give a stunning stained glass effect.
  • This is a great intro to Alcohol Inks and YUPO paper. 
    Students need to bring: Your favorite coloring tools for the turtle or manatee. I will bring some colored pencils if you do not have anything. The samples were done with colored pencil.
    Paper Towels, rubber gloves if you want for using the inks (they do stain hands). If you have an Alcohol Ink Applicator please bring it. (I will have small loaners)
    Small scissors, double sided tape, black marker, foam tape or pop dots and Basic Class Kit.
    Optional:  Fine line glue, large flat brush for Medium, I will supply foam brushes.
    NOTE: The focus of this class is on the Alcohol Inks and YUPO paper and how to seal it and not the paper coloring aspect.  You should get 1 of each style completed. 3 cards, 1 window, 1 tri-fold and 1colored image. Extra materials will be included for more cards.
  • 3 Hour Class

Instructor: Jacki Gehring

Company: Just For Fun

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Date/Time: Friday February 9, 2018  (10:00am - 1:00pm)

Learn to create using Rubber Stamps, Alcohol Inks & Yupo Paper at this StampFest Winter Class Stamping Event!